Monday, September 1, 2014

Raising Cade is now available!

The book can be downloaded (for free) in mobi, epub, and pdf formats at: — Raising Cade
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Thanks for reading!
Raising Cade is a gay romance and includes brief, but graphic depictions of sex, violence, rape, and PTSD. Readers who object to content of this nature should not download this book.

What readers are saying about Raising Cade:

This is a story with depth and real concerns. It is not light and fluffy, but a coming-of-age, in my opinion—second chances, if you are willing to try for them.
I feel that our couple were meant to be together. It wasn't instant, for sure, but that just made them stronger in the end. The story is about the two of them balancing one another out, helping each other become stronger. They are each other’s anchor in the world they both live in now.
You could see the growth from within as Cade comes to terms with what happened to him, and the life he wants to share with Alan. Maybe we will be lucky and be graced with more of their story…
—Jeanne, Goodreads

When I finished reading this last night, I gave it 3-1/2 stars. However, I awoke this morning not only remembering the characters and the details of their lives, but still curious to get to know them and their friends better. In light of that fact, I had to bump it up that extra half star to a 4.
I really enjoyed getting to know both Alan, a purple heart bearing Marine and poor, sweet Cade. I look forward to continuing to get to know them and their friends. Though this is apparently a first foray into publishing, Raising Cade doesn't “feel like” an author who is only beginning.
—Pati, Goodreads

There are simply not enough stars to rate this the way I would like. Few books touch me as thoroughly. Cade and Alan are characters that will stay with me forever. This rarely happens.
They are both very compelling and easily liked. There is a small cast of secondary characters as well… Cade and Alan though, oh my God, they practically lifted off the page to stand in my living room. They are as real to me as any physical person I have met.
Jonathan has created beauty, and I do so hope he expands on this story.
—Dawn Sister, Goodreads